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Nearby SCD - Seattle Area and Beyond

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World of SCD Beyond The Northwest

This is not an exhaustive list of SCD resources on the web - just a selection of handy references to get you started. (For a fairly complete listing of groups, bands, etc., see the Grand Chain link, below.)

  • The Strathspey Server - Strathspey is an electronic mailing list for Scottish country dance. It  features an archive of past discussions, resources of interest to Scottish country dancers, and links to other SCD sites. They have a database of Scottish Country dance groups with maps. Good article on "What is SCD".

  • InterCityScot - Directory of Scottish Country Dance clubs, dances, workshops and classes in North America.

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  • Ceolas  - Collection of information on Celtic music and links to related sites.

          If you are interested in purchasing music or   recordings, see 
Where to Buy SCD Supplieslocally and TAC  above.

  • Music in Scotland - sells recordings of SCD music, has an index of recordings of dances on CD's they sell.  See also DanceData above.

  • Seattle Branch RSCDS has enjoyed and encouraged the music of Cali and Ryan McKasson here in the Northwest.  Now they have their own site for their Scottish music.

Other Northwest Non-SCD Dance Groups

  • Seattle Folklore Society (SFS) - Produce folk music concerts, dances, song circles and camps. Newsletter the SFS Flyer lists folk events around Seattle. [Jan. 2004]

[Seattle Folklore Society]

  • Northwest Folklife - Folk festival Memorial day weekend at Seattle Center, dancing, music, crafts, etc

Where to Buy SCD Supplies

 We do not endorse the following, but list them for convenient reference - you
 may find then useful local places to get Scottish dance shoes, recordings of
 Scottish dance music, apparel, etc. Also ask around at classes, we sometimes
 arrange group buys of dancing shoes.

  • At the Highland Games - Several itinerant merchants of Scottish goods display and sell at the Highland Games. This is probably the broadest assortment of things available locally, but only once/year.

  • Hector Russell  (formerly The Scottish Shopper) - Scottish dance shoes, tartan sashes, kilts, jewelry, books, some music and recordings.  Order on the web.

  • Cairngorm Scottish Imports, Toronto, ON, Canada.  Former Hector Russell Canada, which was sold in Fall 2005 to Edinburgh Woollen Mills.

  • Dusty Strings - recordings, sheet music, instruments. Not much SCD music, but lots of Celtic music. You can listen to some recordings before you buy. (Fremont District, Seattle. WA) 

  • Lark in the Morning - recordings, sheet music, some dance books. South Arcade Building, downtown Seattle, WA.  Order online available.

  • Galway Traders - recordings, jewelry. (Ballard) 7518 15th NW, Seattle, WA.

  • North Channel Kilts - kilts, jackets, accessories, alterations, repairs, rentals, etc. (Ballard) P.O. Box 17822, Seattle, WA 98107

  • The Tartan Thistle - Freeland, WA. (Whidbey Island, WA) [Jan. 2004]

  • Need ghillies or other shoes?   Check out this company under "Highland style"   Avriel.

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  •  House of Tartans. Washington State tartan bitmap on this website was generated by the Tartan Finder database, used with permission of House of Tartans. [Aug. 2000]
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