Seattle Branch
Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

September 12 - 14,  2014
Ft. Worden 40th Workshop Weekend

The Seattle Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society hosts an annual weekend Workshop and Ball at  Fort Worden State Park on the Olympic Peninsula.  This workshop has been happening for the last 39 years and has become a well known Northwest dancing event.  Inspiring  musicians and teachers are brought here from afar to support and refine our dancing skills and provide us with some of the best Scottish music for dancing.  It has become a wonderful Northwest tradition for our Branch.


Registration application forms are attached. This form can be either printed and then filled out, or can be saved on your computer and then filled out electronically.  Please send it by post or email to the registrar noted on the form.  Note that the deadline for sending in your form and full payment is May 31, 2014. There are further instructions on the form.  As of mid August, we are booked for Ft. Worden.  If you wish to attend, contact the registrar to see if there are any cancellations.

The Friday evening dances and Saturday evening Ball dances are available for your reviewing at this time.  (Note: if you have printed the Sat. Ball cues you might wish to re-print again, as there have been several corrections  6/11/14)

If you'd like to become familiar with a new dance written by Irene Paterson for this year's special 40th Anniversary, do take a look at September Rubies .  Another dance for the weekend, Elusive Muse, is published in 'Measures for Pleasure', a local SFO dance collection and is given here for you to study.

Visit  the Gallery of Photos below and enjoy the Ft. Worden photos of previous years as you plan for the next weekend. 

  Gallery of Photos 

Ft. Worden Years 2003 - 20

 Ft W Ball -Elinor V front pg cropped.jpg (401421 bytes)

Dances Created For Former Ft. Worden Years 

                                                          Map of Fort Worden Vicinity

 The Place - Fort Worden

Fort Worden State Park is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in the lovely, quaint Victorian town of Port Townsend, Washington. Fort Worden is a former coastal artillery fort, constructed as one of a triad of forts designed to prevent naval invasion of the Puget Sound. Now a Washington State Park, it is included on the National Register of Historic Places and has also been designated by the U.S. Department of the Interior as a national historic landmark. Located at the entrance to Puget Sound (Victoria, B.C. is just across the Strait of San Juan de Fuca), the views are a breathtaking combination of water and mountain. On a clear day one can see both Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker. Fort Worden, with its officers’ houses, parade ground and other period structures was photogenic enough to have served as the site for filming of the 1982 movie “An Officer and a Gentleman".

Erickson Hall where we have our Ceilidh and Saturday Evening Ball, as well as our initial, arrival  registration, is located immediately west of Fort Worden State Park, at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.  As you drive onto the Fairgrounds, it is the first building on your left.  There is plenty of parking there.  Click on Erickson Hall for a map from Fort Worden State Park to there, or if you need more detail,  click on the 'Map Quest' symbol and zoom in on the map for full page details.


Dormitory - Dorm housing, in the former barracks, offers a minimally furnished single room (twin bed) or a few double occupancy (two twin beds).  Bathrooms are down the hall. No cooking is allowed in the rooms. See our information letter above for more details.

Vacation Housing - Shared Victorian houses with a parlor, dining room, fully equipped kitchen and multiple bedrooms, with linen and daily maid service.   These consist of the larger Officers’ Row houses (3-6 bedrooms) and the smaller NCO houses (2 bedrooms). Limited single accommodations are available for one person per room.  Double accommodations are for two people per room; most share a queen size bed, though there are a few rooms with two twin beds.  Children may not sleep on the floor; however, some rollaway beds are available.   Please see this year's information letter above for more details and about meals.

[Picture of officers housing at Ft. Worden]

Camping - Sites are available on the grounds of Fort Worden.  Contact Ft. Worden directly if you are interested.

Meals - The State Park has a dining facility. The food and service is excellent. Please see this year's information letter in the registration  for available plans.

Alternative Accommodations - For those desiring alternatives to the offerings above, bed and breakfast, motel, and hotel accommodations are available in town.  For more information on these off-site options, please contact the Port Townsend Chamber of Commerce:  1-888-365-6978, e-mail:   or on the web at Early reservations are recommended, as local lodging may fill quickly.

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